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About us

Malabar is a small paradise where one can find a whole treasure trove of spices, herbs, aromatic teas, nuts, dried fruits, breakfast cereals, dried mushrooms, flour, pulses, selected traditional grains, honeys, church items, handmade soaps, essentials oil and base oils, located in Ano Glyfada at number 193 Gounari Street.

Our products come from reliable suppliers and always arrive at our store with their certificates to ensure their quality. The spices and herbs are also available in catering packaging, in order to meet the needs of consumers.

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Independently owned, direct trade importer of organic teas
and botanicals. Inspired by tradition and global culinary arts.

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Crafted by Leading
Tea Experts

Hand blended herbals & premium loose-leaf teas for body, mind & spirit. Whether you are a lifestyle tea drinker or exploring your first cup, we’ve got a brew for you.

Handpicked Tea

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Packaged Fresh at the Source

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Climate & Plastic Neutral

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Shipped Direct to Your Doorstep

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Master Tea Taster Selections

We protect those ingredients with premium foil packaging to lock in freshness and flavor, so you get the best tea experience every time.

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